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How to get cache images path

I am showing Listrak on site recommend product on my website. Product images are very big, I need resizes images. I have images name like 2/0/20mm.jpg and I am appeding it with
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Magento 2.3.3 images are not displayed on frontend

After a recent update from Magento 2.1.7 to 2.3.3. product images are not displayed. I believe it is cache related, and most common (if not only) solution that I have found is to run: php bin/magento ...
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Magento 2 CLI method to flush images cache?

Is there a CLI command (either bin/magento, n98, or custom) in Magento 2 that can flush the images cache to perform the same function as clicking the "Flush Images Cache" button in the web admin panel?...
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Why so many cache images?

I am new to Magento 2 and also new to StackExchange. I observed that there are so many images generated in the cache directory. Why do I need this? How can I stop creating these images? What would ...
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