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Magento 2 Categorty page blank with following error

Magento 2 Categorty page blank with following error Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Cannot instantiate interface Magento\InventorySalesApi\Api\StockResolverInterface in /var/www/vhosts/
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Using luma LayeredNavigation in custom theme based on blank theme

I want to copy the style and functionality of luma layered navigation to my custom theme - parent is blank theme. If I copy the Magento_LayeredNavigation of luma theme to my custom theme <vendor>...
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How to move add to wishlist button next to add to cart button [blank theme]

How can I go about moving the Add to Wish List Button next to the add to cart button? I can get the wishlist button to dissapear which I definitely don't want, but I can not get it to move next to ...
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Magneto 2.4 - Remove Blank-Theme-Icons/Blank-Theme-Icons.woff2

In our Magento 2.4 we created our own theme based on the Luma theme. Now we found out that every page loads the Blank Theme Icons font. /fonts/Blank-Theme-Icons/Blank-Theme-Icons.woff2 How can we ...
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How to copy Luma Layered Navigation to Blank Theme

I have created a custom theme in Magento 2.3 which is extended from the blank theme. I would like to use the luma layered navigation. I have copied Magento_LayeredNavigation folder from /vendor/...
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How to add my own code to replace navitagion bar (main menu)

I have code (html, css and js) that make a navigation bar (as main menu) I want to put the html, css and js within the magento 2.3 blank theme (i already created a theme that inheritances from blank ...
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Magento 2.2.2 Javascript bundle file size only 1Mb

I enabled bundle javascript file, but i saw in my local js file is 3.7Mb and my dev site just 1.0Mb. Here is my config 'dev' => array ( 'js' => array ( 'merge_files' => '1',...
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