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EAV_ATTRIBUTE auto increment issue

I am trying to save product attributes in my Magento2 system and there may be 100 thousands of attributes. However, I see that the value specified as auto increment in the eav_attribute table is ...
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magento 2 table with no auto increment column catalog_product_relation

Table catalog_product_relation dosn't comes with the auto increment column. i want to create a custom id col with auto increment with the following query but not working. please help ALTER TABLE ...
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How to set 2 auto increment id in table[Magento 2]

is there any way to create 2 auto increment id in same table?When im trying to create using db_schema, error showing that only primary key id can get this auto there any other ways?
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Dynamic row autoincrement column Magento 2

I have a new module created by me. Here, I've followed this tutorial: In this table, I want a column ...
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Add row number in admin custom table Magento 2

I've made a new module. Here, I've override the AbstractFieldArray class. <?php namespace myVendor\myModule\Block\System\Form\Field; use Magento\Config\Block\System\Config\Form\Field\...
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Auto increment in db_schema.xml

In M2 dev docs there is this regarding auto increment: identity Indicates whether a column is auto incremented. Here's excerpt from my db_schema.xml: <column xsi:type="int" name="entity_id" ...
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Magento 2 Custom Table Auto Increament Column value disorder

In my custom module, I have a database table with auto increment col. The columns values initially work fine but when I delete any record the value increased like this order 1,2,3,4,5,6,10,11,110,115,...
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Magento 2 add Item SR NO. in cart!

I have added new column of SR NO in cart table. But <tbody> tag generating dynamically. I want to add sr no for each row. but When I am trying it is not working and showing only 1 in each row. ...
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