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List of filters for sales order API

I'm working with the Magento SOAP API. Many of the methods will list entites and allow for filtering in the request - however I can find no information in the documentation about what filters are ...
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Magento 2: Problem Creating the custom Search REST API URL?

I want achieve this kind of url in my custom REST API, Any Suggestion? http://localhost/rest/V1/products?name=mujassam&value=5 Before Also I asked same question Magento2: creating custom ...
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magento 2 rest api search results display with filter options

I am new to magento 2. I have to develop Rest api search service list with categories filter option like web application. Is that possible kindly help me anyone
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How to set a method in route action_type in rest API (api2.xml)?

My route section in api2.xml <routes> <route_collection> <route>/mymodule/user</route> <action_type>collection&...
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API SOAP V2 CatalogProductList Complex Filter with OR

I need to set up a filter with a OR clausule and I don't know how to. Any Help?. I need to set up the filter manufacturer to filters manufacturer number 34 and 37. Dim pws As New MagentoService....
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Sort by price in product collection get by magento rest api

I am using below web service to get a product collection sorted by price : It is giving the following error: {"messages":{"error":[{"...
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Get oldest customers with API

I'm trying to get list of ~40k customers through Magento SOAP Api v2, with customerCustomerList method. I don't have access to Magento instance, only WSDL and credentials. When I'm calling for all ...
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