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Use for questions about AngularJS, the open-source JavaScript framework.

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Mangento 2 with Angular JS

Nowadays everyone is talking about Magento 2 with Angular JS but I haven't found anything relevant to start with. Can someone please guide me that how and from where I can start the implementation of ...
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Magento2.4 : How to setup PWA with Angular

I want to setup PWA with Angular. I search but I only found Magento 2 project setup with react. I correctly set up with react but not found the best practice and correct way to setup Magento 2.4 with ...
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Angular is not loading properly

I am trying to add a functionality in magento2 using Angular. But every time I run the page it gives this error Uncaught Error: [$injector:modulerr] Failed to instantiate module MbApp due to: Error: [...
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Angular with Magento2

I want to use Angular for a feature in Magento2 E-commerce website. For Ex : - I want to create a page(MoodBoard) where customer can create a look using drag drop. I have created a new module for ...
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How to enable CORs to access Magento rest APIs : Magento2

I'm getting an error while call API from Angular APP test website and app is hosted in different domain. Website Url Angular App : When I call API for Listing Of product in ...
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Magento 2.3.1 Wamp Installation Error [Angular.js]

How to solve the below installation error, System details: * Wamp 3(Windows) * PHP 7.2.14 customize-your-store.js /** * Copyright © Magento, Inc. All rights reserved. * See COPYING.txt for ...
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Mage 2 Headless w/ Angular - Architecture Questions

building a new site using Angular front-end and Mage 2 headless in back-end. Idea is to get all needed data via AJAX calls from Angular to Mage 2 using the REST API... First time doing this, trying ...
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Email Service is communicate Magento to angular front-end

I will make website front-end in angular,but back-end is magento.Please Tell me how to communicate reset password,forgot password and other email-service.
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Magento with angular js

Currently i have developed Magento 2.2 with Angular js 4. i create rest api in magento and angular will get response from magento api. for in future my client want to use Magento 2.2 as a backend with ...
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Why Magento 2 uses Knockout instead of Angular or React

My question is as simple as it says in the title. Its why would Magento choose knockout instead of other frameworks like angular or react? Is there a specific reason? Also is this the right ...
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Shim config to load angular js and dependencies

I have an angular js app that I want to integrate into Magento 2 so I created require-js config like below var config = { paths: { angular: 'Test_Custom/js/angular', ...
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set min and max values for a field dynamically based on the value of drop down selected in magento I tried using angularJs referring the above link but the min and max fields did not get set in magento. $setup->addAttribute('customer', 'nickname', array( '...
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Magento 2 .htaccses configuration for HTTP get request

I try to get list of modules to localhost with angularJS 2 After i check all code possibilities on angularJS 2 - i need some help with configuration. HTTP GET request with AngularJS 2: import { ...
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API - How to get Product or Category by url/path?

I'm working on an Angular 2 App in front of Magento2 and I would like to get URL Info to know where to go in my App and what to load. We already have many Angular 1 Apps working like that with Drupal (...
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Magento 2 & Angular & RequireJS: Firing angular.bootstrap with injected controllers etc

I am looking at implementing angular into the Magento 2 layout structure using requirejs and for individual page dependencies to be injected where required (which requirejs handles very well). The ...
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