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Aggregation in custom collection graphql magento2

I am creating a custom graphql query to view list of product. I need to add aggregation to my custom product list. For that I created a schema. type ViewAllProducts { products: [...
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ElasticSearch does not return correct bucket information

I have 2 queries with elasticsearch that behave very differently with regards to the price bucket information A first query with no filter returns all the expected info for the price bucket: "...
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4 votes
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Change default price filter behaviour for pwa in magento 2.3.4 using graphql

I have a requirement in which i need to customise the default price filter in magento and change the behaviour so that the price ranges will be constant and need to show all the ranges after a price ...
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How i can change the minimum and maximum value in this aggregations price magento 2 graphql

Request { products(filter: { category_id: { eq: "14" }}) { aggregations { label count attribute_code options { label value count } } ...
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