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Magento 2.3.5 Advanced Reporting access issue

Our Magento advanced reporting was working fine but recently we cannot access into it! Kindly check below image: Advanced reporting has been enabled for years and it was working: The "magento ...
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In magento2 advanced reporting "Products added to wishlist" is not showing "wishlist_item" table record... Is this correct or any sync issue

Where we need to check if correct data is loaded in the advanced reporting wishlist items... There is a mismatch between advanced reporting "Products added to wishlist" and wishlist_item ...
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Advance Reporting not working

I have followed all the instruction to activate advance report Also Magento Analytics user integration Status is “Active” and generated token But still facing the same error. We can’t find what you’re ...
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Cannot generate advanced report

I'm using Magento 2, and I would like to generate Advanced Report. However, it always shows 404 like this I've followed this guide, however it still shows 404.
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Magento 2 Advanced Reporting Exception Log and its link 404 Page

I have already enabled Advanced Reporting and integrated Active user in admin as Magento Analytics User under Admin => System => Integration Still it throws below exception log: Can anyone ...
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Advance reporting is empty

Advance reporting is working fine but suddenly it is showing empty and on store views it's showing only all store views. Thanks
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Advanced Reporting 404 error

I'm actually work on a Magento 2.3.4 website. I try to access to Advanced Reporting, but when I click on the button on the BackOffice's homepage. It's redirect me on 404 error page... Someone have ...
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Advanced Reporting Cron Failing

I'm getting an error in my Magento 2.3.6 when I run n98-magerun2 sys:cron:run analytics_collect_data and overnight in the cron table. Run Magento\Analytics\Cron\CollectData::execute Cron-job "...
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Magento 2 Advanced Reports 404 page

How to fix 404 page in Magento 2.2 - 2.3.4 versions Advanced reports? If you see the status pending in the configurations, and the user for advanced reports is absent.
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Magento 2.3.2 Why Advance Reporting in coupon code and customer id weird

i have showing default magento advance reporting in orders tab and customer tab in customer id and coupon code looks weired? I want to correct data here How can do this? Any help would be ...
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Magento 2 Advanced Reporting User Role permissions

I have enabled Advanced Reporting (Magento 2's free one) in the back end, and from my main admin back end account, it is working fine, the subscription is set up and figures are updated daily. I have ...
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Unable to access advanced reporting

We used to be able to access advanced reporting now we are displayed with the following Your Base URL has been changed and your reports are being updated. Advanced Reporting will be available once ...
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Magento2.3: Advance Reporting shows "404"

I have followed all the instructions:Advanced Reporting Also Magento Analytics user integration Status is “Active.” But still facing the same error. How can i enable Advance Reporting m using ...
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Advance reporting is not working for Magento 2

Advanced reporting is not working for Magento 2. I have followed all the steps as per the Magento guideline. But the advance reporting is still not working.
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