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Get Storefront Product URL for Magento 2

I am trying to get the storefront product URL. $_Product = $objectManager->create('Magento\Catalog\Model\Product')->load($product->getId()); echo $_Product->getUrlModel()->getUrl($...
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Admin Url not found (404) and css-js not working while migrating magento 2.3.3 local to server

Hey there here i am trying to migrate my magento 2.3.3 localhost to the server i have changed Database user,database name in env.php and also i have updated core_config_data in Database. But still i ...
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Magento 2 redirects url to https but not admin panel

I know this question is more about apache config, but it involves Magento too. Currently i have configured my Magento with 2 different URLs, for port 443 or https I have an url like this: https://...
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How to properly switch the main domain on Magento 1.9?

We built a new Magento 1.9.4 store installing it fresh on I've added and succussfully transferred my 2nd store from our Magento 1.9.1 installation. It worked fine. Today, I ...
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Admin URL not working. Throws a 404 [duplicate]

My admin url is not working. Im using the same url that is in the env.php file.
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Magento2: How to get adminUrl in js file using something like 'mage/url'?

I am trying to populate an adminhtml dropdown when another dropdown is selected using AJAX and 'mage/url' returns the frontend url. This is my code: app/code/Namespace/Module/view/adminhtml/web/js/...
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admin url in email template

i am sending admin edit page url for custom module as bellow. One point is that i am sending admin url from frontend. My link is
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Trouble with admin URL

@EDIT: it finally worked. I just needed to clear Magento's cache. In case you need to do so, go to /var/cache and delete everything there, and then start again. I installed Magento 2 with WAMP server ...
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Different admin URL for each website - Magento 2.1.1

I trying to configure M2 (2.1.1) multiwebsite. I already created separate websites/stores/views for each website, I also configured vhosts, M2 admin config and .htaccess. All websites are works fine ...
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