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Magento2 Regenerate full static content

I removed the folder pub/static while in developer mode, expecting that things will generate back to the way they were. After that though, only the folder _requirejs got generated, so now I am ...
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Magento 2 : Symbolic links to pub/static files

A while ago when I was working on a project with Magento 2, I noticed that my CSS and JavaScript files in pub/static of my theme were actually symbolic links to the actual files. This was also when I ...
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cannot read property 'section loadurl' of undefined

I'm getting this error on the firebug while loading homepage. Due to this error the pages are not loading fully. only the Header, Nav Menu and Footer and showing. The main content sections are not ...
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Magento2: Wrong path of static contents

I know so many others have asked the same question but still no reliable ans is available. Suddenly my site is hitting the wrong path of static content (CSS/JS/IMAGES) because of this my site is not ...
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Frequent Css and js changes not reflecting Magento 2 in Windows environment

I am modifying a module which uses css and js. OS : WINDOWS Magento Mode : Developer What I've tried : php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy php bin/magento indexer:reindex deleted cache ...
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How can I add an image to view in in magento2? [closed]

... in my phtml view I want to add a image in my view. Somebody know how to do it ? Thanks for help..
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Latest css changes not get updated in pub/static folder - magento 2.0.1

I installed magento 2.0.1 and working in developer mode.Now the problem is whenever I change css its not get reflect into pub/static folder . I could refer this Magento2: Re generate css file in pub/...
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magento 2 css is not added to head element

I develop a theme extending blank theme. I mainly add some css to the _extend.less file, but now I need to add some 3rd party css to the theme. I added the css-s to the proper directory. /...
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Magento 2.1.3 static css files not generating

When I open the front end of my website it can't find different files and they are only css files not being found e.g. /pub/static/version1486733880/frontend/Meigee/blacknwhite/en_IE/css/styles.css I ...
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backend and theme folder and not being rebuilt

I've cleared the the static and cache folders as recommended here - Magento2: Re generate css file in pub/static folder But now backend and my theme folder are missing from static, so I'm getting ...
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Magento 2 website no longer loads after running compile command

I'm currently developing a website on a local installation of Magento 2. I was following advice on how to add a .phtml file to my pages. Customize Footer in magento2 I followed one solution that ...
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Override CSS - Magento 2.0.6 (Resolved)

Even tough I can add new custom css files, I'm unable to override the current styles. I have done as described here but my button remains as original color blue:
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