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magento 2 sales_order_shipment_save_after does not fire

I created an observer for changing the shipping method amount but it does not work. This is my code Cop/Postexpres/etc/events.xml <?xml version="1.0"?><config xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3....
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Log settings location of Magento 2

I would like to know the below 2 locations of Magento 1 in Magento 2. Where can I find these 2 locations in Magento 2 Admin Panel ? First location Second location
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Magento 2 headers already sent error in my controller

I am working through Alan Storm's tutorial about the first steps in setting up a Controller in Magento 2 and came across an odd little error on page load after setting up my route: Warning: Cannot ...
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How to put log in observer Magento 2 [duplicate]

I am trying to put log in observer sales_order_save_after Whenever I put logger in the execute I can’t do any checkout it complains about guest checkout payment Is there any other way I could see ...
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What is the query readers here i can't understand magento 2.3

I can't find the what query rendes here and i can't it is not readable so any can to find what query renders hear please tell what are the table involved here public function getCount(\Magento\...
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Magento 2 - Create a log file in plugin that will print log when data is inserted in database

I have entered data in the database using object Manager in Model file itself. I want to print a log file from the plugin that will print the log of the last data that is inserted in the database.
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Magento2 : Not able to Log Order Details when order is Placed

I am trying to print order details in Log /return JSON result when a new order is placed. Nothing is printing in System.log or in exception.log, Please check my code below, Let me know where I am ...
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Magento 2: Checkout afterplace order plugin not working

Im creating a Magento 2 checkout plugin, I want to fetch the orderdata and send it to a third party for order handling. I have made a plugin for the Magento\Sales\Api\OrderManagementInterface class, ...
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Magento 2.1:- Create Plugin but not working in custom module

I create plugin in my custom module to override the method collectCarrierRates($carrierCode, $request), below code is not working. What mistake here? app/code/Vendor/Shippingtest/etc/frontend/di.xml ...
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How to implement the following event in Magento : As soon as the customer logs in the details are printed in the log file [duplicate]

I have to print the login details of the customer and when he logged in, into the log file. How to implement the following problem in Magento 2.
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magento 2 how to print log

After installing Magento 2.3, When I am trying to open the admin panel login screen is blank and my console contains an error as shown in the image. if anyone has a solution then please let me know. ...
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How to run cron file via browser in magento2

I have created a logic that look seems fine if I run that via controller file. But I am getting an error while running via cron (checked via log file), using magento2 cron process. ModuleName/Cron/...
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Unable to locate error log [duplicate]

I have a fresh installation on a hosted environment and setting up my store. In an attempt to see if email is working i tried using the contact us page (default). However i get an error "We can't ...
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Magento 2: Create custom log file [duplicate]

How I can create my own custom log file in magento2 ? For example, I have some variable which wants to log in a custom file. I found a solution for only existing log file like system.log, debug.log ...
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magento2: Enable and Disable log [duplicate]

How to enable or disable log in magento2, basically my question is about enable and disable logging system in magento2, how we can do that, also I want to know how to generate custom log in magento2? ...
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