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Unable to locate error log [duplicate]

I have a fresh installation on a hosted environment and setting up my store. In an attempt to see if email is working i tried using the contact us page (default). However i get an error "We can't ...
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Magento 2.1:- Create Plugin but not working in custom module

I create plugin in my custom module to override the method collectCarrierRates($carrierCode, $request), below code is not working. What mistake here? app/code/Vendor/Shippingtest/etc/frontend/di.xml ...
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Magento 2: Create custom log file [duplicate]

How I can create my own custom log file in magento2 ? For example, I have some variable which wants to log in a custom file. I found a solution for only existing log file like system.log, debug.log ...
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Log settings location of Magento 2

I would like to know the below 2 locations of Magento 1 in Magento 2. Where can I find these 2 locations in Magento 2 Admin Panel ? First location Second location
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How to make sure your Magento 2.0 cron job is running

How do I make sure my Magento cron job is running? I setup cron per the Magento 2 installation instructions for the log files. See screen shot (click to enlarge): I am running Magento CE 2.0.2 ...
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magento2: Enable and Disable log [duplicate]

How to enable or disable log in magento2, basically my question is about enable and disable logging system in magento2, how we can do that, also I want to know how to generate custom log in magento2? ...
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Magento 2 Simple Model Observer not working

May be "clarification" is one of the reasons, I am posting a query about Magento 2 Observer here. As I am trying to execute an event observer on sales_quote_collect_totals_after event but it doesn't ...
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How to create custom Log file in Magento 2?

In Magento 1, it was common to segment logs into different files (to separate logs for payment methods, etc.). That's as easy as changing the $file parameter of Mage::log. Magento 2 has changed to ...
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