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upgrade to 2.1.5. composer updated but setup upgrade returns with invalid argument

I've had an issue with a template I purchased and needed to update it to the latest version of Magento. I've backed up my database a files and ran: composer update When this complete I ran php bin/...
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Magento setup:upgrade fails with "Element 'type': Character content other than whitespace is not allowed because the content type is 'element-only'."

We recently purchased software that runs as an extension for Magento 2. We purchased a brand new VPS setup, and turned it over to them for installation. They completed the installation and got their ...
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Magento 2 installer creates directories with wrong permissions? [duplicate]

I have a server dedicated to Magento 2, and followed the steps on the page below: I didn't do the umask part of the ...
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Magento Installer - File Permission Check Fail

I had been struggling with Magento-CE-2_1_3 installation without success. The installation process is always terminated because of the File Permission Check "File Permission Check 4 file ...
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Magento 2: How to override Luma Theme Home Page

I'm using Magento 2 CE Version 2.1.0 on WAMP Windows 10 I already referred Magento 2: How to override mini-cart default template html file? Would like to override Magento 2 Default Luma Theme I ...
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Unable to open front end and admin [duplicate]

When i try to open my site it is not opening, same as my back end as i added the error below. Adminpanel issue in site.
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Proceeding to an exception page after save new category

When I save new category, I proceed to exception page. exception 'Magento\Framework\Exception\LocalizedException' with message 'Can't create directory /var/www/html/var/generation/Magento/Catalog/...
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CSS and JS not loading from Extension Error 403

after installing a slider extension I can't get it to display properly in the frontend. There are just the pictures and text without any formatting or functionality. It is correctly configured, but ...
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/Magento/pub/static/frontend/Magento/luma/en_US/Magento Ui/templates/modal/modal-popup.html on this server

Forbidden you don't have permission to access /Magento/pub/static/frontend/Magento/luma/en_US/Magento Ui/templates/modal/modal-popup.html on this server. Don't know why I am getting this error on ...
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Magento 2 - How to set chown and chmod for root folder and sub folder in linux (centos 6.5) [duplicate]

In Magento 2, How to set chown and chmod for root folder and sub folder in linux. My OS system is the CentOS 6.5. please, guide me step by step. P/S: When use this command "find ./var -type d -exec ...
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Magento 2: How to fix incorrect permissions after executing setup:upgrade and/or setup:di:compile

After running setup:upgrade and di compile from the bin directory, permission and ownership is reset and the magento store stops working. It works if I manually reset the permission. When the var/...
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Permission Issue Magento 2

I upgraded Magento 2 to Magento 2.0.3 today, everything went fine until I didn't get my webshop to work anymore with a lot of blank pages. Now I managed to get my pages to see errors again with the ...
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Console errors after installing Magento-CE-2.0.2 [duplicate]

I freshly installed Magento 2.02 Community Edition but now when i login to admin panel then nothing is clickable and found 28 console error related to css and js How can i solve this problem
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Magento 2: Recommended File Permission for shared hosting [duplicate]

I have hosted the Magento 2 on a shared hosting server where they recommend to keep all folders as 755 and files as 644. However Magento recommeds to keep 770 for folders and 660 for all files. As ...
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Centos and Magento 2.0 problem

I want to install Magento 2.0 on a server with Centos system. My problem is after installation the Admin Panel is look like in this image: In the firebug console I have a lot of 404 errors: "...
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