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Set value to created customer custom attribute in magento 2

I have created custom attribute for customer using below code. setup/installData.php class InstallData implements InstallDataInterface { const LEGALITY_DOCUMENT_1 = 'user_legality_document_1'; ...
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Magento2 How to get custom attribute and its value of a customer? [duplicate]

I followed this tutorial to add a custom attribute to Customer. Then in Controller LoginPost.php, I want to get the value of that attribute of a particular customer to do some checking. But I found ...
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How To Create Customer Custom Attribute In Magento 2.0 [duplicate]

How to create a customer custom attribute in magento2?
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Magento 2 - Create Customer Attribute Programatically [duplicate]

My UpgradeData.php to add customer attribute which will be reflected under customer account in admin section. <?php /** * Copyright © 2015 Magento. All rights reserved. * See COPYING.txt for ...
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How to Add Customer Attribute [duplicate]

How to Add Customer Attribute in magento 2 and then showing the Attribute in Account Information? thank you!!
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Magento 2 : How to Add address attribute in billing address form and convert that value in order address [duplicate]

I want to create address attribute and convert that attribute to order address. I want to add address attribute in billing and shipping address of customer. Also want to display this attribute ...
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How to Add Customer Attribute in 2.2.2 [duplicate]

How to Add Customer Attribute in magento 2.2.2 and display it in the front end ? beacuse i saw mamy post but not working in 2.2.2 thank you!!
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How to show a custom attribute in the admin Shipping Address box?

I have added the drop-down custom field on the checkout page with custom values. It's working fine also save attribute values in the database but not display in the order shipping address. Any idea ...
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How to save customer attribute value in custom script in Magento 2

How to save customer attribute value in custom script in Magento 2. The prerequisite is to add first your new attribute programatically. To do add a customer attribute please review these: Magento2 ...
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Magento 2 Custom customer attributes with select list

Can someone point me in the right direction here? For a new magento 2 install I want to be able to add some custom attributes for the customer in the backend. One of the attributes must be only ...
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magento2 create customer attribute

Anyone Can help me, I want to add customer Attribute and i have put my code as below.I have installed it, not getting any error but noting happened. Customer/Attrib/Setup/InstallData.php <?php ...
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Magento 2 Custom Customer Attribute not Showing on Frontend [Solved]

I'm able to add custom customer attribute called "passport". It's working fine on Admin Side. So no issues. For the frontend however it's not displaying on Registration page. Below code already ...
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How to add a custom field to the frontend customer registration form in magento 2?

How to add following below fields to the fronted customer registration form. 2.Address 3.street 5.state code no 9.federal tax id
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Cron job that delete customer in database

below is the cron job code that suppose to delete customer if they have value of 1 in deleteOrders field but it not doing that, what am i missing? <?php namespace Vendor\ThreeYearOrders\Cron; use ...
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Source Model not set when adding customer attribute - Magento 2.2.1

I have looked over a few tutorials on how to add a customer attribute to the customer edit page within admin. Magento 2: ...
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