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What is helper in Magento?

What is helper in Magento? In what cases should one use and not use helpers?
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How to create custom Module Development in magento 2 from Scratch?

How to create Custom Module Development from scratch in magento 2 with following point. 1.How to Create Module 2.How to Install and Upgrade Database 3.How to Create Module,view and Controller ...
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Hidden values in an extension - encode decode data transaction

I found an interesting extension for onepagecheckout. It seems to be free but when I installed the extension I realized that the code is sending and encoding data to developer servers. In theory its ...
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ECG compliance: How to do?

There is something like a coding standard for Magento 1, called ECG where numerous things should be avoided or methods that should not be used. Let's try to create a list that covers all cases that ...
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Magento customer reset password customer_flowpassword error

I currently have a error in my store. When a customer wants to reset their password, the Magento Report error page is displayed. When check the report, I get the following error: a:5:{i:0;s:...
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Mage_Catalog_Model_Product_TYPE::TYPE_CONFIGURABLE vs 'configurable'

I'm working on an heavy customised magento version. Cancelling an order returned this fatal error: Mage_Catalog_Model_Product_TYPE not found on this line code: if($parent->getTypeId() == ...
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Increase / decrease qty directly on cart

I'm looking to have product quantities increased and decreased dynamically in cart when I press the plus and minus sign bypassing the add to cart functionality altogether. I have looked thought many ...
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What are the best practices in Magento? [closed]

Can anyone suggest what are the best practices relevant to the followings. Magento coding standards. Magento naming conventions (including folder names, file names etc.) Folder structure which should ...
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Where to place custom UI library

I need to create my own UI library (mostly .less files, but also images and .js) which will be used in multiple custom modules and themes. I thought I will just add my files to Magento UI library ...
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Custom module, controller action trigger

I am developer, new to magento, and I just took over a project from another dev team so the code is totally strange to me. They built a custom module, and I have trouble figuring out when/where a ...
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Create extension - create translate file?

I am creating an extension with an admin page and I will put it magento connect. I put all texts in __('text...') ?>, but I don't need to translate them. So do you think I have to add informations ...
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Magento 2 : How to write a custom extension? [closed]

There is already a question on how to write a custom extension at How to write a custom extension? , but most of the answers I read , while being good and really detailed are about magento 1, so felt ...
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Alternatives or additional tools for Magento 1 EQP Coding Standard?

As I was working on a new "awesome" M1 extension (after I've read How to write a custom extension and others best practice like this or this), I decided to check if I was respecting the coding ...
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Add an external js file with custom name using integration

Is it possible to add an external js file based on domain name from integration ? Lets say the domain is: When user installs my integration, I want to add a
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