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Splitting an order item into multiple orders items [duplicate]

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Magento 2: Split order for every Item

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Split order into seperate orders and calculate shipping seperately with ups and fedex and different origin addresses

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How to split order in magento 2

Edited Question After the suggestion from Khoa TruongDinh I made changes in savePaymentInformationAndPlaceOrder() and followed this to implement order splitting but it's not working can anyone ...
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Checkout: Mixed cart, split order and split payment

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Magento2 Split Order Based on Vendor

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Spiltting Magento Order Error: Invalid method Mage_Sales_Model_Quote::removeItemByKey()

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Order Splitting in Magento 1.9

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Magento Shipping : Multiple Carriers with different Categories of Product

I'm working on a custom shipping module. The store basically sells two types of product like Heavy bulky product and normal goods. So the carriers we have tied up with will not carry all types of ...
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How to get vendor wise order splitting in magento 2?

Hi Friends I am using Magento 2.2.4 version so i need one help so below i mentioned scenario so please help me I had to split orders based on the vendor/seller selling that product. Like, for ...
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How is order created using onepage checkout?

I was trying to split my order based on the seller selling the product. I was able to split my order by overriding the saveOrder() function. But, the order totals were not splitting. The totals ...
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