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Order emails not sending following upgrade to 1.9.1 [duplicate]

We upgraded to CE from and now the new order confirmation emails have stopped sending. I have checked the cronjob (.php) on our server and changed it to run every minute instead of ...
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Magento email queue problems [duplicate]

I'm after some advice if possible Since upgrading to 1.9.1 as per a lot of other people emails are not sending from the queue. The emails are being generated and placed in the core_email_queue table ...
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New order email confirmation not being sent

I have upgraded my website to 1.9.1 and now my customers are not receiving order confirmation email. I tried sending through the admin panel but nothing happens, also no update email is being ...
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Does Magento 1 log transactional mails that were sent? [closed]

Can you view the automated transactional emails that have been sent by the system like order confirmations, password forgotten-mails and more? Is there some kind of a mail log which you can view ...
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Email Notification not delivered to customers in Magento

I am new to Magento. As an admin i am getting email notifications on orders. But customer doesn't get any email notification on orders, password reset, etc. Is there any settings to be enabled it for ...
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The e-mail queue not working - old recipients not deleted after receiving e-mails

After upgrading to 1.9.1 (from 1.7.0) I experience a lot of challenges with the Cron E-mail - and I am stuck about how to solve it... E-MAIL QUEUE not working? When customer or Admin added an order, ...
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Magento CE 1.9.1 not using cron for sending emails

I recently upgraded from Magento CE to 1.9.1. I read that emails are supposed to be sent via a queue/cron but after some testing this turned out to not be true. When I place an order the ...
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How do I set up my cronjob?

My e-mail system doesn't work. I got no e-mails when im buying products or if I'm getting messages via contact form. I guess my cronjob doesn't work I read that Scheduler would be a nice extension so ...
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Order emails cronjob Magento

As I understand it, starting from 1.9, Magento is sending order confirmations via cronjobs. We're having some problems regarding this though. Our cronjobs is working just fine - I've tested them ...
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CRON (AoE Scheduler) and Magento v. not sending emails [closed]

CRON is working fine according to the Scheduler and all mails were working fine as of monday. Yesterday I noticed that no emails were going out. Is the normal return value from ...
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