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Suggested Server Specs [duplicate]

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What kind of server and setup does Magento CE 1.7 single store need to run efficiently with 400K+ products in DB [duplicate]

CE 400+ SKU's All simple products (books) one single image (book vocer) No need for "compare products" Low traffic What about server (hardware and config)? What about software aid (SOLR, Varnish, etc)...
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How to get best magento performance on server? [duplicate]

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Magento Sever Configuration for large DB [duplicate]

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Advice on Optimizing Site Speed, where to start?

I've been asked to try and find a solution for the slow load time of our Magento site. I ran a Yslow test and the biggest offenders seem to be Make fewer HTTP requests Use a CDN Add Expires Headers ...
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Some Magento tables are not InnoDB, is it safe to convert all tables to InnoDB?

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Magento Page Speed

Im looking for ways to increase my page speed. Currently my website page is 1.4MB, My Page rating is 91, however I still find the site slow. The page load speed on pingdom is 10.4 seconds which is ...
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LEMP Stack Suggestions for a 10k + Item Magento Community Install

I operate a Magento Community install that currently contains 30k SKUs (6k configurable with 24k variants). We are having an ongoing issue with pervasive CPU overloads that result in MYSQL ...
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What are the minimum server requirements for running Magento 2 smoother?

I am running few Magento 2 sites on different servers. As now M2 is depending on CLI for many things, we need to run commands in development mode for the installing/upgrading modules, installing ...
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