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I installed Magento community today. I could not install Magento with the permissions I set reading the install guide. (First the pictures did not show up on the install page due to ...
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Change magento success page url [duplicate]

I need to change the success page URL that reads "https://magento/index.php/checkout/onepage/success" To be displayed as "https://magento/checkout/onepage/success" I need to remove /index....
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How can i remove index.php from Categories URL & Products URL? [duplicate]

In my base url not have index.php, but my all categories and products url consists index.php. How can i remove this. Note : Base url have not index.php
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Removing index.php from product pages results in 404 error [duplicate]

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404 page without index.php in url [duplicate]

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How to remove index.php from front end URL In magento?

I am working on magento-1.9. How to remove index.php from my website's front end url? Any one know so please tell me
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How can i remove index.php from magento url?

I have tried everything I found in the different post related to this. I already review: • The magento setting is correct. • That the rewrite module is enabled. • The rules and conditions in it ....
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Magento - Can only access admin panel using htttp://

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Sites are only loading if I add `index.php` to the URL

I just copied the live database to my local environment. I changed the base_url to the new domain (virtual host). My sites on my local environment are only loading if I add index.php to the URL. e.g. ...
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Magento 1.9 admin panel routing issue

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