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Watermark get black background when transparent

I've installed PATCH SUPEE 9767 on my magento shop. Now i've uploaded a new Watermark but the background changes to black. Is this a problem since the new update? On a other magento ...
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Session validation failure in Magento 1 EE v 1.14.3.x (and CE 1.9.3.x)

I'm looking after a Magento shop with 400-500 visitors and 40-50 orders per day. Recently system was upgraded from Magento EE to Magento EE and I noticed some strange exceptions in ...
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SUPEE-9767 Patch/CE - One Page Checkout - Customer Registration issue

On a clean, vanilla install of Magento, patched with SUPEE-8788, SUPEE-9652 and SUPEE-9767, and with the new 'Enable Form Key Validation On Checkout' setting turned on, following a successful ...
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SUPEE-9767, modman and symlinks

I would like to patch a Magento shop with SUPEE-9767. The documentation for SUPEE-9767 tells me to disable Symlinks setting before applying the patch: Before applying the patch or upgrading to the ...
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SUPEE-9767 V2 Possible problems and solved Issues

Magento just Release Updated version Of SUPEE-9767 and Magento - CE So MY question is which bugs were solved in V2 and do we need to re apply V2 if we already apply v1. And what are the new ...
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How to enable symlinks after SUPEE-9767 V2 install?

Its seems SUPEE-9767v2 has disabled and removed the option in "Advanced -> Developer -> Template settings", that would allow us to enable/disable symlinks. What is the other way to enable symlinks ...
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SUPEE-9767 Magento CE Onestep Checkout not working with Form Key Validation On Checkout enabled [duplicate]

After upgrading to Magento CE, when I enable Form Key Validation on Checkout as recommended by SUPEE-9767 onestep checkout stops working. After selecting a payment method, when I click ...
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SUPEE-9767 issue : Design Exceptions with Enterprise Full Page cache

SUPEE-9697 has broken the Design Exceptions functionality of Magento Enterprise with Full Page cache. This feature is normally used for serving a mobile theme. To recreate the issue (with full page ...
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Customers couldn't login from Safari In magento 1.9

customer login don't works with Safari, only if i activate incognito mode in Safari. After click on login, page reload itself without error massage. I have take: Clear Cookies in Safari Clear ...
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SUPEE PATCH - 9767 error in checkout page [duplicate]

i have applied SUPEE PATCH 9767 into my Magento 1.9 environment. Im using my custom theme for my store, before applying the patch there was no error in the checkout page. But after applying the patch ...
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SUPEE-9767 issue : Add to cart issue, Enterprise Full Page Cache

Shortly after applying the SUPEE-9767 patch we started to receive complaints from customers that products could not be added to cart from the product detail page. We are sometimes able to reproduce ...
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Magento patch 9767 shipping method

After installing patch SUPEE-9767 and enabling Form Key Validation in checkout page, the shipping method step cannot proceed to next step. After disabling the Form Key Validation in admin it's ...
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Supee-9767 saveBilling returning 500 after v2 Patch applied to (formkeys present)

After applying the Version 2 patch I'm having a problem with the patch where it seems that saveBilling() is returning 500 server error on checkout. This is onepage checkout and I do use PayPal plus ...
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magento and patch 9767v2 issue

We have upgraded to magento and we have custom theme , in the custom theme we have uploaded patch files and in the payment.phtml file we have kept formkey under fieldset. But issue is after ...
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Magento SUPEE 9697 fails at Image.php

I'm attempting to apply patch 9697 (via patch PATCH_SUPEE-9767_CE_1.9.3.0_v1-2017-05-25-09-09-56) to Magento CE however it's failing. The log states: Hunk #5 succeeded at 485 (offset 1 line)....
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