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White screen after customer login/post or creation of new account

I have just moved from a new server and updated from Magento to Everything is working as expected except for when a customer logs in on the front end. It gets stuck on a white ...
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Patch 9767 v2 error - most error like -> Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected! Assume -R? [n] [duplicate]

How can I solve the below error, Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected! Assume -R? [n] Apply anyway? [n] Skipping patch. ==> What is mean exactly? How to solve? [abcd@12345 ...
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Patch SUPEE-10415 applied but Form Key Validation message still appears

Patched Magento Open Source with SUPEE-10415. Message: Formkey validation on checkout disabled. This may expose security risks. We strongly recommend to Enable Form Key Validation On ...
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Checkout Step Not Working

I am not able to checkout using onepage checkout. After BILLING INFORMATION "Continue" Button don't take me Further Step. In console I can see
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Checkout one page doesn't load next step

I'm using Magento and facing an issue with Onepage checkout. It's not moving to next step when I click on "Continue" button. I didn't find any errors in browser console. Site URL: http://...
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Magento 1.9 fresh install missing follow symlinks "Template Settings" [duplicate]

I'm running a magento 1.9 fresh install in a Debian 9 (also fresh install) and I can't find the "Template Settings". It should be under System > Configuration > Advanced > Template, but it is ...
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which patch number user for 9767

I am planning to install patch SUPEE-9767 in Magento Guide me to know which version of patch I should install in Magento $ sh ...
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Supee-9767 saveBilling returning 500 after v2 Patch applied to (formkeys present)

After applying the Version 2 patch I'm having a problem with the patch where it seems that saveBilling() is returning 500 server error on checkout. This is onepage checkout and I do use PayPal plus ...
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What am I doing wrong in applying patch?

When trying to apply a patch I am getting this error- ssh ssh: Could not resolve hostname PATCH_SUPEE-9767_CE_1.9.3.2_v2-2017-07-11-11-
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checkout problem with after upgrade

I have upgrade from at I do not installed any 9767 patches. checkout Process is blocked. The checkout process does not proceed from first step. how to solve ?
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PATCH 9767 v2 issues, where to download already patched Magento? [duplicate]

I am trying to revert Patch 9767 but I am receiving a hunk error. Where can I find an original patched version of Magento and to download so I can upload the file in question?
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How to enable symlinks after SUPEE-9767 V2 install?

Its seems SUPEE-9767v2 has disabled and removed the option in "Advanced -> Developer -> Template settings", that would allow us to enable/disable symlinks. What is the other way to enable symlinks ...
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upgrading from Magento version to v1.9.3.4

I need to upgrade from Magento version to v1.9.3.4 which includes version 2 of SUPEE-9767. And just want to check that the normal upgrade process I have is correct. Make back up of website &...
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magento and patch 9767v2 issue

We have upgraded to magento and we have custom theme , in the custom theme we have uploaded patch files and in the payment.phtml file we have kept formkey under fieldset. But issue is after ...
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SUPEE-9767 V2 Possible problems and solved Issues

Magento just Release Updated version Of SUPEE-9767 and Magento - CE So MY question is which bugs were solved in V2 and do we need to re apply V2 if we already apply v1. And what are the new ...
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