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Custom sales/order attribute in admin grid [duplicate]

How would I add a custom field to the order grid? I have the following code by looking at other questions but after I have ran the code the new field is not showing up. require_once('app/Mage.php'); ...
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How to edit sales_order AdminHtml template [duplicate]

i want to edit sales_order listing view to add new column but i can not find that template to edit. i want to edit .phtml file not Block this is url that i want to edit on it http://localhost/...
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Add Column to a grid (observer) - Column ‘store_id’ in where clause is ambiguous issue

I'm adding a column to the order grid using observer approach: On the event -> sales_order_grid_collection_load_before I'm adding a join to the collection On the event -> ...
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Add Company column to Customers Admin Grid with Observer

I want to add the "Company" column from the customer's Address attributes. Is there any way to populate this column through an observer or do I need to extend the prepareCollection or preparePage ...
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How to get latest order comment on the order grid column? [closed]

In magento 1.9 how we can get comment column in sale -> orders with the latest comment e.g Customer is redirected to Paypal Any idea what will be the query for this?
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Add column payment

Add column payment in order to magento administrator 1.9.1. I would add a column stating what was the form of customer payment in the admin panel.
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How to add new columns to my orders' dashboard?

I'd like that in my orders dashboard (attached) I'd have one extra column informing which 'discount cupom' was used in that order (if any). In the attached file you can see how my orders' dashboard ...
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How to extend Sales Statistics grid from Customer > Customer View

I am trying to add a new column to the grid. Its about the sales.phtml as you can see the XML: <reference name="left"> <block type="adminhtml/customer_edit_tabs" name="...
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how to expand the view "order" in magento backend?

we use Magento i wish to expand the list "orders"(Bestellungen) in the backend. how can i let me show the postal code from the customers there?
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The proper way to add/remove features from admin order page?

I'm about to migrate my current platform (osCommerce) to magento and on the current platform I have a lot of customizations on the order page where you see all the order statuses, billing address, ...
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