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Magento : disable cache for static block

I have one file that called from static block in which i display product information on menu. {{block type="core/template" title="BEST SELER!!!" sku="ASS030530010" template="catalog/product/...
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Performance: Add Inventory Stock Levels on product listings list.phtml of all product types

TL;DR, The requirement is having a stock level of inventory be displayed on the category product listing page with as little additional queries/memory with performance in mind that adheres to Magento'...
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How to change the memory limit for php

The problem I am having is that my site is slow after you import my products with magmi After searching the memory of my php of origin here is what ...
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Redis timeout after a reindex

First, a little background of the setup. We are using Magento EE and have cache/sessions stored in a Redis cluster (a separate instance for cache, FPC, and session data). The client has an ...
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Full Page Cache for constantly updated pages?

I have been asked to work on an existing magento store which currently has 2 vital parts: Full Page Cache - To help reduce the load time of the site and server load a full page cache was installed. ...
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Issues in loading and saving Customer addresses where customer is linked to many addresses (200+)

My customer has 200+ addresses, the page takes a long time to respond(this is one issue),and other is when I try to save some changes,I am getting error as shown in pic.If customer has few addresses, ...
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Slow Queries crashing mysql server

I've tracked down a super large query that is built in Mage_Catalog_Model_Resource_Collection_Abstract::_getLoadAttributesSelect that is setting an obscene amount of ids in the IN() clause... What is ...
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dealing with cache

I'm developing couple of Magento extensions that change the content of the sites dynamically (alternative products sorting, different related items, etc), based on things like user and time. These ...
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Magento 2: What is the best way to do caching? [closed]

I'm newbie to Magento 2. What is the best way to do caching? Should we use external 3rd party service for it or use default one. I have more than 1 million SKU's.
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PATCH_SUPEE-8788 and full page caching (magento

PATCH_SUPEE-8788 introduced form_keys for the form on catalog_product_view, and the Cart Controller checks if they are valid. So far so good, but our shop uses the Lesti_FPC full page cache extension ...
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My site is taking a Full minute to load due to slow queries?

My Magento Site , using a Theme, is taking a Full Minute to load up !! The Host Provider has advise its due to SLO"W QUERIES. I'm using a 4GB RAM Server, so dont think it's the problem. Optimising ...
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