I am running EE 1.14 and I am seeing more than a few errors in my products data that should be fixed upon reindexing. Since the errors persist, I am thinking that the reindex process is not working correctly. I tried running the indexer.php script from a command line and the whole process seems to run amazingly quick...essentially instantly. Each index reports that it has been reindexed in 00:00 and nothing changes.... Kind of a rambling question, but what I need is some way to confirm that the process is actually doing anything?


EE 1.13+ implemented always running cron, so the indexer would be triggered at any moment. Since this is the case the indexers in Enterprise keep a change log table(s) of data that needs to be updated by the indexers. Such could be called materialized views.

You may be experiencing a caching issue, have you tried to disable caching completely or flushing to determine if the data that is missing or invalid appears?

BTW, when running php -f shell/indexer.php the partial indexing isn't used, as this will still run a complete indexing of all EAV tables regardless of their change status.

Anyhow, hope this helps!

  • It seems the indexing is happening as expected. What seems to be not happening is the product URL rewrites being updated/created during the indexing process. The indexing is apparently a symptom of a greater ailment.... – Greg Nickoloff Mar 14 '16 at 15:27
  • @g-man1066 what happens when you try to execute the URL Rewrite indexer via CLI? php -f shell/indexer.php – B00MER Mar 14 '16 at 17:40
  • It appears to run without incident. I don't see any evidence that it did anything (hence this thread) but I don't see any errors either. – Greg Nickoloff Mar 14 '16 at 23:50

So...upon solution, this seems to have veered off-topic. I think the answer for the original question is a quality answer and may be useful for others, so I won't delete the question.

One of the errors I was initially seeing was that certain products were not getting a URL redirect even though a "url_key" was specified for those products. Changing/updating the "url_key" did not create a URL redirect either, yet, at the same time, some products were behaving as expected.

It seems that the indexer/reindexing process was running correctly. The problems I was experiencing were due to irregularities in the Magento URL rewrite processes rather than the Indexing processes.

The "real" problem is more correctly addressed here: URL Rewrites in 1.14 (EE) Don't Seem to be Created or Acted Upon for All Products along with my solution.

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