I have read numerous articles suggesting, I shouldn't modify the core email templates. Instead, most articles have suggested to install Yireo EmailOverride to easily create email overrides.I want to create overrides so that emails matches the store design. I have installed the extension, but I am unable to figure out what to do next.

Should I manually copy the core transactional emails to my template design ie app/design/frontend/galio/ma_galio1/template?

I am trying to follow these steps

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From the Yireo blogpost, quoting Jisse himself:

The EmailOverride extension allows you to copy files to your own themes locale folder. Here is one example, the first line being the original file, the second line being the theme override if your theme is called YOURTHEME:


I see, you're using the same blogpost as guide. In your case (if the name of your theme is galio and you're overriding the en_US locale) you should place your email-template override in:


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