I need to figure out a way to change the layout of different blocks on my homepage.

Primarily this is what I want to do

Move the featured slider & new arrivals sliders up, ie right below the main slider.

I am a newbie to Magento. I have enabled template hints on my site. I am not sure from where I should start.


You can find the cms page that uses as home page via System -> Configuration page: enter image description here

Next, you can find the information regarding the page via Cms -> Pages page: enter image description here

You can find the page by title as well as I have done on the screenshots.

So the information that you are interesting in placed into the Content section: enter image description here

Also, it may be placed in the Design section as layout updates:

enter image description here

If you provide me more information about that section of your home page I can help you do solve this task completely.

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    Thanks! I got an idea from where I need to start! Thanks again – Saquib Ahmed Feb 1 '16 at 14:49

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