I tried to search deeper in Magento 2 code generation process and found some points, which confused me. I use Magento v2.0.1-ce in production mode. Firstly, I found strange dependency in Magento/Framework/App/ObjectManagerFactory.php:120

$definitions = $definitionFactory->createClassDefinition($deploymentConfig->get('definitions')); 

I looked in console command setup:config:set help list and found only '--definition-format' parameter. I set it and got

'definition' => array ('format' => 'serialized',),

node in env.php. But it isn't requested param, so $deploymentConfig still return null. The case in, that without this param, Magento 2 add Code Generation Autoload in autoload's chain.

public function createClassDefinition($definitions = false)
    if ($definitions) {
        if (is_string($definitions)) {
            $definitions = $this->_unpack($definitions);
        $definitionModel = self::$definitionClasses[$this->_definitionFormat];
        $result = new $definitionModel($definitions);
    } else {
        $autoloader = new \Magento\Framework\Code\Generator\Autoloader($this->getCodeGenerator());
        spl_autoload_register([$autoloader, 'load']);

        $result = new Runtime();
    return $result;

So, question is: what is 'definitions' param in configs and in what way I should set it? Or it is OK, that Magento 2 still use Code Generator Autoload in production mode? Finally, on what depend this param? Secondly, after switch on production mode, Magento 2 called 'setup:di:compile-multi-tenant' and I found, that file 'global.ser' doesn't generate with this command. As I understand, Magento 2 use this file for determination actual environment mode: Magento/Framework/App/ObjectManagerFactory.php:126

$env =  $enFactory->createEnvironment();


public function createEnvironment()
    switch ($this->getMode()) {
        case Compiled::MODE:
            return new Compiled($this);
            return new Developer($this);


const AREA_GLOBAL = 'global';

private function getMode()
    if (file_exists(ConfigLoader\Compiled::getFilePath(Area::AREA_GLOBAL))) {
        return Compiled::MODE;

    return Developer::MODE;


public static function getFilePath($area)
    return BP . '/var/di/' . $area . '.ser';

On environment depend ObjectManager factory and configs. So, after code generation via 'setup:di:compile-multi-tenant' Magento Object Manager will still work in developer mode?

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Code generator should not be added to autoload in production mode because all auto-generated entities are expected to be available in definition files (those with .ser extension). There is no need to modify definitions in config, just run magento setup:di:compile-multi-tenant. In your case the problem is that definitions are not generated, try to investigate why.

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