I was going to upgrade Magento 1.7 site to Magento 2.0.

But Magento 2.0 has different structure.

Is there a way or tool to do this?


Lastest Magento 2.x version(2.0.1) ,Add tool Code Migration Toolkit by which you can transfer your 3rd party extension of 1.x version to 2.x structure.

  • You can Migrate Magento 1.x module structure to Magento 2.0 structure using Magento client Cli tool bin/migrate.php migrateModuleStructure
  • Migrate Magento 1.x layout.xml Magento 2.0 structure file structure. (bin/migrate.php convertLayout

See the full steps of migration at Code Migration page

So,before migration,you should have strong knowledge of Magento 2.X structure Thus you can convert 1.x code to 2.x.You can understand those thing from code-migration process

But honesty ,you need to do lot of works for this achieve .


Magento 2 is not backwards compatible. There exist migration tools, but the general advice has been to treat a 1.x – 2.x upgrade as a re-platform.


  • Data migration: Use this to migrate your data (customers, etc). See the user guide for this tool, also.
  • Code migration: This will get you some way towards converting your code to Magento 2. Note that you will still need to manually convert a lot of code to get something good. Migration of this magnitude is still a manual process, and you might be better off with a full rewrite of some areas, anyway.

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