Magento ver.

I created these categories, intended for the sub-menu to point to specific URL I desired.

   |-------Contact Us
   |-------About Us

When clicked on 'Contact Us', I want it to go to "~/magento/contacts". But it actually went to "~/magento/company/contacts.html"

So, after research, i set up the "URL Rewrite Management", and it worked then. But after a few hours, my "Custom URL Rewrites" was somehow removed, and replaced with the original system generated URL.

(This seems happening after *reindexing* )

What did i miss? How to permanent rewrite URL?

Screen Shots: my URL rewrites steps.

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  1. Create new page
  2. Go to "URL Rewrite" and note the ID Path of the new category
  3. Delete the system generated URL Rewrite
  4. Create a "custom" Rewrite specifying the "ID Path" of the deleted object, The request path, and then the path to the desired URL
  5. Go to phpmyadmin > core_url_rewrite and find the newly created custom Rewrite
  6. Change the store_id to 0 (not changing anything else)
  7. Reindex. This creates a new system generated Rewrite with a higher url_rewrite_id (see in phpmyadmin > core_url_rewrite table)
  8. I then create my page with the desired path
  9. Reindex / flush caches and presto.. my top nav now has a menu item to my new page.

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