I'm trying really hard to learn Magento, but I need some help.

I want to track product quotes changes in cart after clicking to "update cart" button. I found nice events called checkout_cart_update_items_after and checkout_cart_update_items_before.

But I don't know how to get info about cart quotes changes in observer.

The best I achieved was

public function Mytestupd($observer) {
    $product = $observer->getData('cart');
    $quote = $product->getData('quote');
    $items = $quote->getAllVisibleItems();

    foreach($items as $item) {
        $prsku .= $item->getQty()." ";

Which of course just gives me old (or new, depends on event) quote of each item.

At the end I'd like to do

echo Mage::getSingleton('checkout/session')->addSuccess("Cart Updated, your changes are: ".$changes);

where $changes is something like

productOne: 3 items added;
productTwo: 4 items removed

I hope that was clear enough and someone will help me!

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It's great to have session variables. So I could do


in checkout_cart_update_items_before event Observer and later do

$oldcart = Mage::getSingleton('core/session')->getCartItems();

in checkout_cart_update_items_after event Observer

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