I want to implement this Contact form from kontaktformular.com inside a separate folder (named "custom-contact-form") on my Magento root directory.

Eg: mywebsite.com/custom-contact-form

Now, kontaktformular.com gives you whole package with html, php and css files to make and run your custom contact form. Here is the package.

One of the files that they give out is test.php to send a test mail to a given email address to see if everything works all right or not. This file is has a pretty simple php script to send an email to a secific email address. Now, it doesn't work! And I can't figure out why? Is it because of some kind of PHP conflict with magento installation?

Infact, I have tried many other simple contact form scripts and none of them seem to work. I want to know the reason causing it not to work. Also, is there a way to add a custom contact form in magento WITHOUT creating a new extenshion?

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    "it doesn't work" is a kind of a large area. Can you describe what happens? php errors? mail sending errors? – Marius Oct 23 '13 at 12:11
  • well the file test.php doesn't send back any errors, look here shopprexo.com/write_your_order/test.php – Ashish Sharma Oct 23 '13 at 12:21
  • Is there any reason why you do not want to use the standard contact form in magento? – David Manners Oct 23 '13 at 14:11

or you could use a lightbox jquery popup. You would just have to include the js links in the head of the CMS page in question. This is what I use in my magento site. It allows me to have a quick link on any page that will immediately bring up my contact form.




one way would be to create a CMS page with an iframe.

Upload the files to a directory (for example customcontactform) in the root. Then create a CMS page in the backend with an iFrame in the content that links to domain.com/customcontactform/test.php.

Give the CMS page the url custom-contact-form and now you should be able to go to the url domain.com/custom-contact-form and use the form.

It's not a very clean way but it is a way.

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