The Install Guide recommends installing the software using archives (not Composer) for a shared hosting environment.

However, from Magento documentation:

Everyone who uses the Magento software must install Composer to update components and Magento. If you install Magento using an archive, you don't need Composer to install Magento, but you do need Composer for updates.

And from this article:

Attention: Because Composer relies on third-party code, we do not recommend Composer for use on production sites.

Then what is the "best" way to install Magento 2?


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I'm not speaking for Magento but it doesn't seem like a good idea in general to install updates on a production site. In addition, we recommend you use the pub folder as your root in production so as to prevent running the Setup Wizard.


For shared hosting where you can't do a source code clone or checkout and can't run composer. I would upload the archive from Magento direct or your own local dev machine if you have one. Then ensure that you have the server Web root pointed to the pub folder. This stops access to the setup wizard and other non protected directories.


You should use Bitnami : https://google.bitnami.com

It has a launcher and your magento will be in the cloud. It is amazing and very cost-efficient.

  • Thank you, I've never tried bitnami but will try it soon. Have you used it for a production site? Mar 2, 2016 at 3:54
  • I am currently building a site for E.C.I and they are a multi million dollar company that deal with various telecom technologies. There is no difference between using Magento 2.0 regular install on shared server or Bitnami. It is the same software just that using bitnami it's going to be a cloud hosting which is far more performant and flexible once you get the hang of it :) Mar 3, 2016 at 18:31

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