Hello When clicking on manage categories and then clicking a sub category. None of the data is loading up in the forms as seen below

Screen shot admin interface

So Checking in network console, I found this error below Ajax error


This seems to be some kind of restriction on your server, rejecting the Ajax request.

This post can help:


Has any changes been made to your server environment, specifically related to apache, and mod_security?

Something to try, and determine if it is specifically AJAX issue, is to grab those urls from the console, and remove the isAjax=true form the end, and see what happens if you request them directly,

  • Just changed the mod security rule set from comodo to owasp and working fine now.. Thanks for your help – Marc Smith Jan 22 '16 at 14:33

Just found and fixed the issue. The issue was down to using the Comodo Mod security rule set. After changing to Owasp its rectified the problem.

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