In onepage checkout page , there is a field called "Payment Information".
I want to remove the first option as shown in screenshot "Credit Card / Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB, Diners" .
enter image description here
I've searched all the files in magento folders such as :


But no luck ! I couldn't find any file containing the text I've just mentioned.
I've also searched all of admin configuration pages & didn't find anything. Could someone please help me on removing this option from onepage checkout page ?


The reason you cannot find it in the templates is because this information is pulled out of the core_config_data table and presented by the templates. You remove it by disabling the payment method in System Config, not by editing templates.

Navigate to System => Configuration => Payment Methods and look for the window shade that contains the unwanted method in its title text field. Change Enabled to No, flush cache and the method should disappear from the shopping cart

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Just goto /Admin

System -> Configuration -> Payment Methods. Disable it from there. 
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After spending hours on it , Finally I got the answer ! It was @

System -> Configuration -> Moneybookers
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