This is a bit hard to explain. But in Super product attributes configuration there is a field where you can set a cost that is added to the product. I want to be able to have this price sett as a standard every time this attribute is used.

In this case it is hotel booking, so 3 days is NOK 700,- extra and 4 nights is 1400,- extra.

Is it possible to make this extra cost come up on every configurable product automatically? I want to avoid having to enter inn this extra price every time I create a configurable product. The products are always the same, just with a different name.

Thanks so much for reading this, and hope you can help. enter image description here

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You best chance is to duplicate the same configurable product and change the name and other different attributes of the duplicated product.

I reckon you should have a good read at this post to help you implement the duplication of options: Clone configurable product with related simple products

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