Our store has few customer groups based on their purchase. We have requirement where admin will enter product expiry date i.e start/end date which will be shown on product detail page. Consider below case

Product A
Start date 01-JAN-2016
End date 31-JAN-2016

Product B
Start date 01-JAN-2016
End date 29-FEB-2016

Once the expiry date is over, the product should not be visible on frontend for specific customer group.

As shown in below image for Magento default Group Price, there will be a custom attribute where admin can set product expiry (start/end) date according to customer group.

group price

Below is the sample image on how it should look like


I have created two date fields for expiry as custom attribute but do not know how to set it for customer groups

How do I approach this issue ?


Such feature represents some work and I do not know if anyone has already done it but here is my suggestion:

  • Date fields are created as product attributes. But the issue is how to integrate them with customer groups ? Unaware of extending group price feature of magento – Slimshadddyyy Jan 19 '16 at 9:38

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