Is there a way to add an additional CSS-File to theme?

In default_head_blocks.xml I added my css file via

<css src="css/override.css" />

My shop therefore looks for


I added the file override.css in [Vender]/[Theme]/web/css/override.css and used setup:static-content:deploy to build my theme. But then, the override.css doesn't appear in pub/static/frontend/[vendor]/[theme]/[locale]/css/

What did I missed to do?

  • Ok, after few trying I used "--verbose" to get more output: It seems that my file (symlink) doesn't seem to be a file: Magento\Framework\Filesystem\Directory\Write->assertIsFile() throws an error. More soon Jan 18 '16 at 15:53

Problem was my pre-build of my magento2 box:

I used modman to link external template directory in magento2 app\design\frontend\

If I used copy as modman deployment strategy setup:static-content:deployworks fine.

So use modman deploy-all --copy --force as command .

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