i am using Magento website with around 200 Website and each website having three storeview. But products data only available in Main website with 3 store views. the problem i am facing now soon some on refresh the cache server completely hangs. so i am trying to know from where i can increase cache time so it not expires or from where i can disable auto refresh cache option please help me

  • For a store of that size, you can probably disable the Magento cache completely and rely on server caching
    – andyjv
    Jan 15, 2016 at 14:18

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One of the reasons the server hangs as soon as you invalidate the cache can be a high number of concurrent visitors on your server.

As soon as you invalidate the cache, concurrent requests cause the cache generation process to start over until it is finished. This will likely hang out your server.

I warmly suggest you to take a look at Paul Partington's video and slides taken from a talk of his.

Hope it helps.


Cache lifetime depends on the block type you're using. Each module can have it's own configured cache lifetime. How about refreshing your cache at night using a crontab? And after this use a cache warmer. So your visitors won't notice the site being slow.

Side question: You have over 600 storeviews? Why?

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