I want to create a transactional email to send to customers when they complete our contact form.

I have no issues with creating the content and copy for the email, but need guidance on a couple of points.

  1. Is there way to personalise the email to each customer? I want the email to say Hello [Customer Name]. Is this possible?

  2. Once the transactional email is created, how do I ensure it is send out when the contact form has been completed?

Many Thanks

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To create a new e-mail template, navigate to System > Transactional Emails in Magento's top Admin Panel menu and click the 'Add New Template' button.

In the top section select 'Contact Form' from the Template drop-down menu and click 'Load Template'. The default contact form e-mail template will be loaded in the Template section.


  1. {{var data.name}} should give you the name

  2. After saving the new transactional e-mail template, you still need to assign it to the store contact by navigating to System > Configuration > Contacts. Select your custom e-mail template in the Email Options section, click 'Save Config' and you should be all set.

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