I have noticed the default behavior of Magento is to mark the order as complete once the invoice is generated & shipment is made. In my case, I don't want the order to be marked as complete, I want the order to be marked as "Shipping Processing" I was able to do it by creating a new status ( Processing shipping ) & assigning it to "Complete" order state. Now when an order is invoiced & shipped it assigns the new status as desired ie "Processing shipping", but now I am NOT able to mark the order as complete, I need to at the end move the order to complete.

My guess, I have assigned my custom order status to the wrong state, ie ( Processing shipping to complete ) hence the system is treating the order as "Complete". This is how we fulfill orders:

  1. Pending ( New Orders )
  2. Processing ( Generate Invoice & Send out shipping )
  3. Processing Shipping ( Track the shipping )
  4. Complete ( Mark the order as complete )

We are stuck between 3 & 4.

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No, adding the custom status to "complete" was the right thing to do, you should not try to change the internal meaning of the states.

Changing the status within the current state is easy. You can select it on the order page, in the "Comment" form. You can leave the "comment" field empty and just change the status:


  • Thanks! Issue Resolved ! This is exactly what i was looking for. Now I am able to move the orders from "Processing Shipping " to "Complete" Commented Jan 11, 2016 at 9:05
  • @Saqks if it helped you, please mark the answer as "accepted" with the checkmark on the left side. Commented Jan 11, 2016 at 9:10

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