I would like to know if it is possible, and more importantly, the correct approach, to use a single Magento instance/server to host the following two websites:

  • two magento ecommerce 'websites'
  • different product catalogue
  • different 'branding' for each
  • same payment methods
  • different paypal payment account
  • different customer base
  • different domain/URL
  • different email templates for each
  • same theme, but different color variation
  • same checkout workflow
  • same language
  • same currency

I am thinking in terms of maintenance of the code base and not having multiple logins for all admin/coding sytems.. However, I am also cautious about not making a single instance over complicated.

Once each site gets a larger customer base and more orders, I may split the two, however for now, I would like to keep things simple...but correct.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, It is possible to achieve this.

Please follow steps mentioned on following blog


Hope it helps you

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