I am updating everyday the prices/stock data from our stock management system across 9 stores so obviously the process takes a lot of time for thousands of products.

How can I improve the performance?

One improvement that I did was to run the reindex after the import has finished and not on product save. Is there anything else that I can do?

For those experienced, can you share how long does it take for you to update 5000 products programatically (also magento version)?

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We have made an extension to import catalog datas in Magento from Akeno PIM, including stocks. (https://github.com/Agence-DnD/PIMGento)
This extension need Akeneo PIM files to work but you can take a look at the Stock importer, fullstack Magento queries to get an idea how to improve performances by direct queries.

The idea to avoid data indexation is to save data in the right tables directly.

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