A product which have following prices in catalog has been sold with qty 1:-

Price - 65.00 [INR] [Inc. Tax Rs 8.23]
Rate -  51.61 [INR] [Inc. Tax Rs 6.54]
SpecialPrice - 61.75 [INR] [Inc. Tax Rs 7.82]
Cost  - 59.09

when I go to table "sales_flat_order_item" and find this item, there following prices are being shown-

base_cost - 59.09
price - 53.93
base_price - 53.93
original_price - 61.75
base_original_price - 61.75
tax_percent - 14.5
tax_amount - 7.82

Now in this table which column represent Rate, Special Price and Price of product? So I can know what was the selling price of this product.


You can not know the original price of the product or if the product has a sepcial price when it was ordrered. The price saved in database is the final_price, in your case the special_price.
To simplify when Magento calculate the final_price it check the minimal value between special_price and price.

  • thanks for reply @ Mattheo, I searched but there is no column named "final_price" in table "sales_flat_order_item". – Shashank Kumrawat Jan 9 '16 at 5:39

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