Hi have been trying to install magento 2 package full release with simple data buto unsuccessfully.

I thought I just had to download the package. Unzip it and follow the 5 steps wizard installation. But despite seeing a successfully installation at the end admin does not exist. Front end has no template....

  • I did it on wamp 2.5 on windows 7.
  • All requirement met on readNess checking page.

If someone else tried successfully thanks to exchange me the steps used.


First, make sure you enabled Apache server rewrites.

Second, try downloading the zip file with sample data already in it. That is the easiest way to install it.

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  • Admin does not exist: maybe you entered wrong backend url, you can check it in app/etc/env.php line 5.
  • In my way, after install finished wizard installation, I ran composer init, then ran php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy en_US to deploy frontend and backend css, js, images in root Magento folder.
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