How can I create transactional email templates via an install/upgrade script? I need them populated in Transactional Emails rather than having email templates available in the app/locale folder.

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In a situation like this it's generally useful to follow the logic of the corresponding admin user action, which posts to Mage_Adminhtml_System_Email_TemplateController::saveAction():


if (!$template->getId()) {

if ($request->getParam('_change_type_flag')) {


You can essentially do the same in your setup script, with the obvious difference being that instead of POST params accessed via a request object you are creating your own array directly in the code.


To have a clear answer, here is the installation code I usually use to create a transactional email :


$installer = $this;


$code = 'My Mail Title';
$subject = '{{var store.getFrontendName()}}- Mail subject';
$text = 'Content of my mail in HTML format';
$styles = 'Specific style for the mail';

$template = Mage::getModel('adminhtml/email_template');




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