I have a top menu of subcategories of Default category. Every subcategory has its own subcategories.

For example, i have now a top menu with books, music, e-books, ... and books have its own categories romance, nonfiction, poetry,... .

I would like when i hover books to have a dropdown with romance, nonfiction and so on.

Does magento have this feature ? if not, how can i accomplish this ?

Thank you in advance.


Yes, this is a standard feature of Magento.

Make sure your root category (the one above books, music, e-books) is correctly assigned to your store (System > Manage Stores).

The categories need to be set to active and the option "Include in Navigation Menu" needs to be set to Yes. You can find this option on the category settings page.

  • I did all that, when i click on "Books" in top menu, i'm redirected to category view of books and i have a list of subcategories shown in the left. What i want is to have them dropped down instantly in responsive way. I don't know if i made myself clear. Thank you for your help.
    – mockingbid
    Dec 30 '15 at 15:58

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