We're moving a site from MarketPress (WP plugin) to Magento.

  • Old WP site permalink structure is https://website.com/store/products/product-url

  • Magento url structure is https://www.website.com/category-name/product-url

How can we achieve this using htaccess, so that matching links are redirected correctly?



Assuming category-name varies, then I don't see any way you can do this solely from 301 rewrites in a .htaccess file. You may need to redirect the old URLs to a custom-coded script that will then redirect to the appropriate new URL, based on some sort of logic that will connect the old product URL to the appropriate new category-name/product-url

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As @Aric Watson states: you cannot do this with plain .htaccess, because the category-name-slug will not be predictable from .htaccess.

But... assuming you're only interested in creating 301's to the new URL's you don't actually need to know the new URL. A 301 to /catalog/product/view/id/[product id] would do as well, given that the canonical of your product detail page is set correct. So you won't lose any SEO value there.

In that scenario, you could write a script that writes those redirects according to a CSV that maps your old URL to the new product ID.

This function could look something like this:

 * Import rule for Magento Community
 * @param $fromUrl
 * @param $toUrl
public function createRuleCommunity($fromUrl, $toUrl)
    // Create rewrite:
    /** @var Mage_Core_Model_Url_Rewrite $rewrite */
    $rewrite = Mage::getModel('core/url_rewrite');

    // Check for existing rewrites:
    foreach($this->storeIds as $storeId)
        // Attempt loading it first, to prevent duplicates:



In this method, you could set $toUrl to /catalog/product/view/id/[product id]. But you could also set the new URL-key of the product, if you got that already. If you have the product ID, a simple $urlKey = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->load($id)->getUrlKey() would do.

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  • Thanks for the detailed response. I'll surely give it a try on next project. The one I mentioned on this question, we happened to skip all the previous product specific SEO value & ended up only dealing with key categories. Cheers – tushonline Aug 16 '16 at 18:40

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