Title says it all. Persistent Shopping Cart settings are as follows:

Enable Persistence
Persistence Lifetime (seconds)
Enable "Remember Me"
"Remember Me" Default Value
Clear Persistence on Log Out
Persist Shopping Cart

This problem only occurs when a guest registers, logging into an account that had previously been created works just fine.

Please let me know if I need to provide further details or any specific code.

Please help! Thanks


This seems like you have some custom code or extension which is conflicting here. Magento have an event "sales_quote_merge_before" before merging the cart for login user.

Please find this event in your code, might be that will help you.

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  • Any method you would recommend to search for this code? – Gary Frey Dec 31 '15 at 1:40
  • search this string "sales_quote_merge_before" in your code directory and check if any custom extension using this. – Saurabh Jan 3 '16 at 10:31

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