I have setup where i sell mp3 products with 3 options.

A) Download only (Type: downloadable product - no shipping)
B) Physical product CD only (Type: simple product - shipping)
C) Download + CD (Type: ? - shipping) 

What is important here is that option B and C needs to have shipping enabled but not A, bacause i need shipping for external webservice (labels + automatically import tracking number etc.).

So far i have tried a bundled product with 3 associated products (1 downloadable, 1 simple and 1 ?). This works fine for option A and B but not C.

I am unsure if this is the right approach. I am also considering adding option C as simple product and then somehow include downloadlink in mail and customer account for only one simple product.

What is right approach for this setup? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  • Try this - keep the bundled product the way you have it, but with just the two associated products. Then go into the simple product and add the downloadable product as a "Related Product". I believe then you could let the user select physical or download, and if they select physical, then it would let them check a box to "add the download product". Would that work? Dec 28, 2015 at 19:16
  • Sorry this is not the solution i am after. I need solution where customer pays shipping + get download links in email + customer account.
    – puntable
    Dec 28, 2015 at 20:40
  • I think it could work - because if the customer selected the simple product and then checked the box for the downloadable product, then the customer would be ordering both products. You wouldn't have a third product - just would be making it simple for them to order two products. Then the user would get a shipping charge and they would also get the download links. If you must have a third separate product, however, my idea wouldn't work. Dec 28, 2015 at 21:06

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Ok i have finally solved this.

I went ahead with bundled product solution.

I created 3 products underneath the bundled.

2 was simple and 1 downloadable.

  1. Downloadable product: Needed to modify downloadable product to be able to select in bundle + email for downloadlinks, as they are not included in the default bundled email template.

No shipping required.

  1. Simple product: Default simple product that enables shipping.

Shipping required.

  1. Simple product: Created new attribute set with 2 new attributes. Title and download link. Modified the email template so these were visible in email. This would enable shipping + let customers download. Links are included in email as soon as payment has been authorized (processing).

Shipping required.

As i have disabled customer login i dont need to show download links in customer account also there are unlimited download per link. This simplified requirements, so the above solution works just fine.

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