I'm trying to create a catalog with Magento that will list a lot of products which are made of different materials (over 15000 accross the entire catalogue) but they can be grouped like

metal -> iron, steel, copper, zinc, aluminum etc
ceramic -> clay, titanium trioxide, porcelain etc
amorphus -> glass, silicon etc   

So I thought of creating a multi select attribute that will be filterable via layered navigation. However I'm encountering two problems related with that.

I can create an atttibute called


with let's say 200 groups and a multi select attribute called


with 15.000 materials and the following problems arise.

  1. In layered navigation at the catalog category page this would make magento load 15.000 materials and slow it down quite a bit as well as making the page extend way too much to the bottom so the user would scroll a lot.
  2. In the admin page it's going to be really hard to sort the attribute values as new values are added so when creating a new product the person that has to select the materials would have to look for them in an unsorted multi-select list of 15.000 items.

In the frontpage:

currently if a user clicks on a material_group, the layered navigation will filter the products and less materials will show up in the next filter but I would like to force magento to not load the materials attribute values until a material_group has been selected and I have no clue how to achieve that.

In the admin page:

Ideally I would want the attribute values to be filtered by the grouping attribute so that in the multi select the options would be limited.

Any ideas what I should look into to make this happen? Or do you know of a magento extension that will allow parent/child relationship between attributes?

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I would advice you to take a look at Amasty layered Navigation

Here is the option you are looking for looks like: enter image description here

  • Hi, indeed this seems to advertise doing exactly what I need for this case. Thank you very much.
    – gabtzi
    Jan 17, 2016 at 9:46

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