I am installing extension to magento ("AheadWorks RMA"). But module not showing up on backend or frontend. And there are no any tables that should be there for this extension. What should I do to fix that to make this module work? Is it okay to copy/paste queries from sql folder files to database?

  • no copy paste query is not standard work as defined in magento standard. – Denish Vachhani Dec 24 '15 at 11:56
  • Please clear all cash in admin side & check again & also cross check core_resource table any version entry this module or not – Abdul Dec 24 '15 at 12:15
  • @abdul , core_resource has not any records for this module – Anna Dec 24 '15 at 12:21
  • your cash enable or disable? – Abdul Dec 24 '15 at 12:25
  • disable and I refresh it and delete folder "cache" – Anna Dec 24 '15 at 12:31

example for the script is

$installer = $this;


$setup = new Mage_Eav_Model_Entity_Setup('core_setup');

$entityTypeId = $setup->getEntityTypeId('catalog_product');
$attributeSetId = $setup->getDefaultAttributeSetId($entityTypeId);
$attributeGroupId = $setup->getDefaultAttributeGroupId($entityTypeId, $attributeSetId);

$installer->addAttribute("catalog_product", "costprice",  array(
        "type" => "int",
        "backend" => "",
        "label" => "Cost Price",
        "input" => "text",
        "source" => "",
        "visible" => true,
        "required" => false,
        "default" => "",
        "frontend" => "",
        "unique" => false,
        "note" => "Cost Price"

$attribute = Mage::getSingleton("eav/config")->getAttribute("catalog_product", "costprice");




please check and compare

also check



Those should match for the script to run.

I hope this will help you.

  • this is not valid solution for module installation – Abdul Dec 24 '15 at 12:17
  • i have give the solution for database because i am unable to access your code. hope you can understand. – Denish Vachhani Dec 24 '15 at 12:18
  • but core_resource has not any records for this module then? – Abdul Dec 24 '15 at 12:24
  • @abdul, yes, it does not have – Anna Dec 24 '15 at 12:26
  • Then in my install- script simply runs this: simply put die('here'); on first line refresh page the script is running or not? – Denish Vachhani Dec 24 '15 at 12:27

The reason why its not worked is because of the case of module folders names.


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